Accounting and tax declaration services

Today, for most legal companies in Vietnam, accounting is one of the parts which all companies must-have for their business. Accounting helps businesses manage their expenses as well as operate in accordance with the legal process. However, for small businesses, the tax declaration demand does not happen often, so they need partners to provide full-service accounting for optimizing accounting costs as much as possible.

WEBKETOAN SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY was established in 2002, Webketoan is the initiator of the knowledge sharing movement in the accounting community. We build networks of partners, collaborators, and other technical solutions to provide accounting services for businesses. We also implement appraisal and support solutions for partners to ensure the quality of service provided. Accounting and tax declaration services are one of the solutions to help businesses manage their finance and accounting that we are providing.

The following article will show you what accounting and tax declaration services. Why do some businesses often use this type of service for their company?


What are accounting services?
Accounting service is to perform accounting operations for businesses and organizations. It usually focuses on jobs such as finance, tax declaration, and tax payment. The main aims are to ensure that the business activities are conducted legally and accurately.

The main jobs of accounting services:

- Dealing with basic operations: Receiving documents and invoices of business then inputting data, synthesizing the results, and checking data.
-  Tax reports: Prepare and submit reports on value-added tax and personal income tax. As well as other taxes required by the government.
- Summary and complete documents: Follow up the accounting books based on all arising documents. Meanwhile, prepare and submit annual financial statements, as well as submit statistical reports to the statistical office. Finally, we will complete, record documents, and explain these record dates with the tax agency.

Responsibilities that WEBKETOAN SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY makes sure to cover if using our service.   
We will execute accurately, ensure combined supervision from two sides. In order to minimize risks as well as damages for the business.

What is a tax declaration?

Nowadays, with the development of technology, most businesses choose to declare tax via the internet. This is understood as a process through businesses or individuals that declare tax on the computer and submit the declaration online. This helps taxpayers not need to go to the tax filing agency directly as in previous years. 

The reasons that many people interested and choose online tax declaration methods:
-  Saving time and moving costs
-  Minimize overload at tax declaration agencies when many businesses come to pay tax at the same time.
-  To forward the modern and convenient solutions.



In general, accounting and tax declaration services must meet the following requirements:

1. Accounting reports:
Check invoices, documents, customs declarations as well as the arising operations. It has to make sure full accounting books according to tax regulation.

2. Make tax declaration and report the use of invoices annually according to regulations.

3. Make annual tax finalization declarations; Prepare annual financial statements in accordance with regulations (excluding bank loan documentation).

4. Labor, salary, social insurance:
  + Make the labor contracts.
  + Report on increase and decrease of social insurance premium according to regulations
  + Labor report periodically for the first 6 months and the last 6 months of the year
  + Make monthly payable, attendance, personal income tax, social insurance
 + Supplement / adjust regulations, policies, and documents to ensure reasonable salary costs according to regulations.
  + Does not include expenses for making labor document - initial social insurance
  (Customer can choose each item separately from the above 4 items).

Chief accountant service of WEBKETOAN SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY will bring you peace of mind, confidence, and satisfaction.


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